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Patient Registration

The Registration module is an integrated patient management system, which captures complete and relevant patient information. The system automates the patient administration functions to have better and efficient patient care process. Appointment scheduling deals with scheduling of physician appointments for the patients. The user can view the schedule for a particular doctor; the appointments scheduled for the doctor, the free slots available, blocked slots. Based on the slot availability, the appointment can be fixed. The appointment can be rescheduled and Cancelled based on the scenario. The hospital can track and manage Scheduled Visits, Emergency Visits, and Visit cancellations. The user can view all patients’ previous visitations to the hospital and also No- show patients list. Telephonic appointments for unregistered patients can also be scheduled.

Main Features of the Module:

  Patient Registration Details

  Inpatient and Outpatient Registration

  Medical Alerts Details

  Appointment Scheduling (Patient / Doctor wise)

  Doctor's Schedule Summary

  Doctors Daily Schedule List

  Patient Visit History

  Medical Record Movements

  Appointments for Radiology tests and Operation

  Patient Visit Slip


2. Laboratory Information System

The Laboratory module automates the investigation request and the process involved in delivering the results to the concerned department/doctor of the hospital. Laboratory module starts with receiving the online request from doctors and also allows laboratory personnel to generate requests. The Laboratory module supports to perform various tests under the following disciplines: Biochemistry, Cytology, Hematology, Microbiology, Serology, Neurology and Radiology. Tests are grouped under various sections and sample type (specimen). Based on the request the user can input the sample and generate the sample number. Results can be entered based on the sample type either to one test or multiple tests. If the test result requires approval, the supervisor has to approve the result and it is made available to concerned doctors.


Main Features are:

  Sample Result Entry

  Test Report Entry

  Specimen Association Details

  Antibiotic Details

  Result Range for Test

  Investigation Request

  Bulk Sample Request

  Sample Details

  Samples Received from External Laboratory

  Samples Dispatch to External Reference Laboratory

  Investigation and Treatment History


3. Patient Billing

The Patient Billing module handles all types of billing for long-term care. This module facilitates cashier and billing operations for different categories of patients like Outpatient, Inpatient and Referral. It provides automatic posting of charges related to different services like bed charges, lab tests conducted, medicines issued, consultant's fee, food, beverage and telephone charges etc. This module provides for credit partly billing and can be seamlessly integrated with the Financial Accounting Module. The billing module is extensively flexible by which each of your billing plans can be configured to automatically accept or deny. The system is tuned to capture room and bed charges along with ancillary charges based on the sponsorship category. The Billing Screens is used for In-patient and Outpatient Billing and Invoicing. Further more the charges for various services rendered can be recorded through service module and this can be used for billing purposes.


Main Features of this Modules:

  Payment Modes / Details

  Patient Billing Details

  User-defined Billing cycles

  Automatic Room and Board charges

  Auto-generated Codes and Billing Criteria

  Provision for Pre-billing

  Extensive third-party Billing

  Invoice management

  Adjustments before closing the invoice

  Automatic prompting of cancellation of services if not availed

  Automatic prompts for receipts or refunds for any Balance due to / from the patient

  Confirm the invoice and ready for dispatch and post to accounts.

  Multiple plans / Categories can be created for one/many customers

  Validity period for each plan/category

  Applicable for both Outpatients and Inpatients

  Co-payment and deductible definitions

  Total or part Percentage discounts for each service or services under a single cost centre

  User defined price list creation and management

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