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Supersoft corps School Automation System called SMMS.It introduces such a system by which all the resources of a School can be accessible from anywhere of the world. The main part is Parents will be notify if their child is late in School or absent, they will get a SMS on their mobile, they will also inform by SMS what their child is doing on Exam, on Class, and also monthly School fee is given or not, all kind of information will be available on Parents mobile so they can relay on your School for Education. All the students, teachers and employees will be benefited from this and the workflow will be fasterthan ever. This automation system will remove and replace maximum paper works, which is clumsy and time consuming. Thus everything will be smooth, clear, time saving and overall cost effective.


School Automation Features:

  Complete School Web site

  Account Management Sys

  Student Attendance with auto SMS sys.

  Teachers and Staff attendance sys with Payroll

  Exam & Result Management sys.

  Online Admission Management sys

  Library Management sys.

  SMS – Email Service

  Canteen Management sys

  Transport Management sys

  Hostel Management sys

  And many more……..


1. Complete school website includes:

  Jquery slide show, javascript function, CSS 2.1 and on Advanced package CSS3 will be available.

  Bespoke Professional unique design having control of changing site content without IT knowledge.

  Comprehensive CMS-including Add-on modules are News Management, Product Management, Membership Database, Photo/Media/document Library, Events Management, Newsletter, Blog, RSS Feeds, and Managing Meta Data.

  You can Add , Edit and Delete unlimited number of pages as you wish.

  Enables easy creation of extranets and easy site Administration.

  Supports creation of nested or flat content hierarchies

  You can edit text using different font styles, sizes, and colors as you go.

  Manage Images from within system, or externally through FTP.

  You can Add or delete images, insert and edit tables furthermore you also have abilities to Add/edit/delete hyperlinks as well.

  Managing website from Frontend WYSIWYG HTML Editors.

  Edit page title and description Dynamically for better SEO ranking

  Moving Pages within the tree structure [One Link to another Menu]

  Add / Edit / Remove site Content with HTML skills

  Creating Unlimited number of Menu & Sub-menu as you need

  Power of creating infinitive number of pages.

  Dynamic change of menu color , size, Height and width etc.

  Dynamic change of header & footer as per customer choices.

  Global Administrative setting and Separate Administration login to manage entire website.

  Manage Membership Features. up to 15+ modules such as image gallery, News letter, testimonials, Product indexing etc.


Main Reports of the Modules are:

  Home page with jquerry slides.

  Principals message page

  Notice board

  Photo gallery

  Result publishing page

  Latest news

  Contact us page with file sharing



2. Financial Accounting

integrated accounting system helps management to control the activities of the hospital completely and meaningfully. To facilitate hospital management decisions, the prompt back up from the accounting department gives a sound foundation for success. Captures front office transactions such as billing data, collections etc. automatically Front office transactions include IPD/OPD billing, cash/check/credit card receipts. The effect of the transaction carried out at the front office is routed through an authorized person into Accounts. Detailed daily cash collection reports are made available to the accountant. The front office staff receives reports concerning receipt numbers and the total receipts from a specific time period. Provides for booking of cash transactions and bank transactions at multiple points.

Multiple point transaction levels are maintained on the system to facilitate the entry of all transactions to Accounts. Facilitates the status of accounts receivables from patients, employees, companies or government departments having credit for their employee’s medical treatments. The reports on receivables are available with the Accounts, as well as with the Billing office. This enables the PRO of the Hospital to plan recoveries from outside patients. Details availability bill-wise, period-wise or doctor –wise in the case of private patients or voucher-wise in respect to other transactions. Provision in the accounts payable module regarding full details of the party’s bills, type of services or goods provided, payment terms, etc. Focus on cash outflow with emphasis on the prevention of outflows occurring sooner than necessary.



Main Reports of the Modules are:

  Chart of Accounts

  Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

  General Journal

  General Ledger

  Trail Balance

  Balance Sheet

  Income and Expense Statement

  Voucher list will be printed

  Profit and Loss Statement

  Account register

  Bank deposits

  Transaction listing between any two dates or between any two vouchers Numbers could be printed

  Opening Balance and Current Balance for all head of accounts

  Monitoring of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Position


3. Time Attendance

The Salient features of this module:

  Attendance with auto SMS to the parents.

  Holiday Setup for Student, Officers, Workers, Casual.

  Weekend setup for Student, Officers and

  Shift and Leave setup

  Rest against Holiday work

  Keeping tracking of In-Out time of each employee

  Shift Transfer (Applicable for factory as well as Head office’s Security Guard)

  Auto Attendance report, for calculation of Salary


Main Reports of this module:

  Attendance Register (In/Out)

  Attendance Report

  Attendance Summary

  Job Card

  List of Persons Present in School

  Student Attendance Register

  Workers Attendance Register

  Absenteeism Report

  Frequent Departure Report

  Leave Report

  Department-wise Payment Register


4. Payroll

The Salient features of this module:

  Pay Slip Generation

  Monthly Salary sheet Preparation

  Cumulative Salary Sheet Preparation

  Increment and Promotion

  Bonus & Festival, Incentive payments, etc.

  Provision reimbursement payment to the executives, if necessary

  Expense re-imbursements/ Settlements of claims.

  Update leave position of each employee

  Tax Calculation & Deduction,


Main Reports of this module:

  Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Yearly Statement on Salary Payment

  Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Yearly Deduction Statement

  Provision of generating statement for payment through the bank

  Employees leave Statement

  Salary Reconciliation Statement

  Tax Computation Sheet

  Statement of Performance and Incentive Bonus, If necessary

  Statement of full and final Settlement

  Statement of worker Profit Participation fund

  Cash Voucher

  Journal Voucher

  Adjustment Vouchers

  Payroll register


5. Result publishing sys

Main Reports of this module:


  Auto grading sys

  Online result publishing

  Email sending option on every student result

  SMS on result publishing date

  Exam schedule management

  Grade setup

  Point setup



6. Online Admission Management sys

Main Reports of this module:

  Online admission form fill-up sys

  Online admission result publishing sys

  Select student form admission

  Email sending option on admission result day

  SMS on result publishing date

  Exam schedule management



7. Library management sys

Main Reports of this module:

Master Creation

  Book category

  Book sub category



  Book almirah & rack management

  Add new books / magazines / Journals / reference books / CD’s / DVD’s / e-books


Fine Master

  Fine creation according to member types like student, faculty, staff etc.


List of members





Transaction Master

  Issue books

  Return books

  Fine management

  Book submission reminder



 Library stock report

 Student library report

 Faculty library report

 Issued books

 Fine collected

 Reserved books


Download reports in excel format

 Book weeding

 Lost / Stolen book management

 RFID's / Smart Cards integration

  Barcode printing for books


8. Canteen management sys


Main Reports of this module:

  CrеаtÑ–ng basic details аbουt thе canteen

  CrеаtÑ–ng options under thе inventory section wÑ–th required groups аnd sub groups.

  CrеаtÑ–ng sections fοr meals fοr different time slots.

  Setting quantities аnd prices fοr аll items thаt аrе sold οn thе menu.

  Generation οf bills fοr еνеrу item thаt Ñ–Ñ• consumed.

  Integrating payment systems wÑ–th option fοr cash аnd card payment

  Allowing students tο υѕе thеіr Smart Cards (Ñ–f аnу) fοr mаkÑ–ng transactions аt thе canteen.

  Generation οf reports fοr a particular month, day οr week.

  Offering options fοr comparison аnd comprehension οf data.

  Checks οn thе cost аnd inventory.


9. Hostel management sys

Building information

 Hostel name and type (Girls, Boys or Staff etc)

 Hostel location

 Number of floors and rooms


Room information

 Room strength

 Room assets and details

 Room facilities


Student information

 Student details

 Room allocation/availability

 Room shifting


Student in and out attendance

  Mess bill collection & Hostel bills Master

  Maintenance Charges and Repairs

  Daily expenses of Hostel

  Visitor Record


Details software module:

  Online web Application

  Card, Fingerprint and Online Attendance with Auto SMS sys

  Everyday Class schedule available on mobile for teachers

  School important notice will be publish on web and also on mobile

  Notice board system

  SMS sending system to any group or class or teachers or whole school etc

  Result publishing system

  Food court management system

  Manage Student Information Efficiently.

  Record Student Billing and Payments

  Manage Programs and Courses.

  Communicate with Students or Parents easily.

  Maintain Grades, Transcript and Create Teacher Grade Book

  Analyze the Performance of a class as a whole through Student Grading Software.

  Online admission system

  A complete web site for every School

  Instant SMS for every important topic

  Full Account management sys

  Mobile base information sender like attendance, exam notice, important notices,

  Class remainder, fees pay confirmation SMS etc.

  Manage Teachers and Employees.

  Manage Routines and Schedules



 Auto SMS sender with attendance report , result, notice, holidays etc to Parents.

 Enables educational institutions to automate their manual operation.

 Assists to serve better to students and other stakeholders.

 All relevant information available in internet easily accessible from anywhere

 Operational workflow becomes faster than ever.

 Replaces paper work to get rid of clumsy, time consuming and costly paper based operation.

Technical Features


The following is the technical features with some options that the Guardian will provide with the software. Some features will be defined after the system study from the options given below.

  Client/Server Computing

  Object Oriented Design

  Model by System Development Methodology

  Relational Data Model

  Normalized Data Model

  Enforced Referential Data Integrity

  Unlimited Records

  Runs on LAN & WAN



  Data Connection Password Maintenance

  3 or 4 level security hierarchy.

  Predefined Users


Technology Used – Development Tools


  Microsoft Visio

  Microsoft Project

  Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

  Framework: 4



  Microsoft SQL Server 2008

  Crystal Reports 9.5

  Developer Express Inc Tools


System Requirements



  2 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor

  2 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 4 GB RAM (64-bit)

  20 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 24 GB (64-bit)


Work Stations

  1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit

  1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit)

  20 GB available hard disk space (32-bit)

  Barcoad Scanner

  Receipt Printer/ POS thermal Printer


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